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Founder and glass collector Lilly Ernsting passed away peacefully surrounded by her family on 15 March 2023 after a short illness at the age of 92.

We mourn with all relatives and friends of the Ernsting family.

Lilly Ernsting founded the Ernsting’s family company with her husband Kurt Ernsting († 2011) in 1968. She was involved in the company’s fortunes from the very beginning and has helped to shape its success story right up to the present day. Lilly Ernsting has always avoided the limelight.

For Lilly Ernsting and her husband, social, cultural and societal activities were of outstanding importance.

Numerous charitable foundations, the nationally renowned Lette Glass Museum and the Coesfeld Concert Theatre are just a few examples of her unwavering initiative.

Many years of commitment and sacrifice, ups and downs, a lot of heart  and a great life’s work!

We have the greatest respect for this achievement and are infinitely grateful.

The staff of the Ernsting Foundation Alter Hof Herding will keep Lilly Ernsting in their hearts and in their best memories. We sadly take our leave.


Photo: Martin Timm



Founder Lilly Ernsting has built up a private collection of glass objects over the course of more than 40 years. In 1996 the glass museum was opened. It shows contemporary European glass in regular temporary exhibitions.