“münchner freiheit“

Current Works from the Study Workshop of the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Munich

“münchner freiheit“

Artistic freedom is held high at the Münchner Akademie der Bildenden Künste. It understands itself as test laboratory as breeding grounds for solutions beyond all convention.

For students moving from all over the world to Munich is this a temptation and challenge at the same time. To cope with it requires not only talent, but also courage, self-confidence and a free spirit. In order to realze their artistic ideas freely and self-determined, they have 18 study workshops at their disposal of which two for the glass sector. With that Munich belongs to the few German art academies that enable the artistic handling with glass at all. In the glass workshop for glass painting, light and mosaic Thierry Boissel stands by side of the students in advisory and supporting capacity. Since long he has established himself in the art of glass and made respectable in the fusing technique in the glass scene. Focus of the second study workshop is on sculptural glass – it is guided by the young artist Sebastian Rauscher.

In our new exhibition we present 16 students and graduates of the Munich Academy with installations, light objects, images and sculptures from glass. The works are willful and individual like the young artists. They come from most different departments of the Academy like free painting, sculpture, art pedagogy, architecture or the glass quality. Some of them have attended special glass schools before being trained glass and porcelain painters, others have learnt wood technique or come from completely different professions. However, they share one thing in common: fascination in glass and the desire for new design.

Therefore, welcome with us:

Garance Arcadias, Aida Bakhtiari, Kris Buckley, Alexander Emil Deubl, Aurélie Dupin, Daniel Huss, Arina Kunz, Antonia Leitner, Alkaya Nazli, Henriette Olbertz-Weinfurter, Steffen Orlowski, Sebastian Rauscher, Bongchull Shin, Laura Stracke, Keiyona C. Stumpf, Neringa Vasiliauskaite – and last but not least their leader Thierry Boissel.



Photos :

Bongchull Shin, Würfel B3613, 2013 – Photo AHH

Aida Bakhtiari, Schwindel, 2015 – Photo Aida Bakhtiari

Nazli Alkaya, Kampf, 2009 – Photo Hildegard Morian

Neringa Vasiliauskaite, Objekt 1, 2015 – Photo Neringa Vasiliauskaite