Danish Glass

Tobias Møhl, Glassweaver Vessel, 2011 - Foto AHH

Danish Glass

09.07.2011 - 09.10.2011

Danish Design is a brand that enjoys an outstanding reputation worldwide. Whether in the architecture and industrial production, in the handicraft or arts and crafts up to the art nothing is possible without design in Denmark. Diversity, openness and fresh colors characterize this country consisting of big and small islands, precious, perfect in form and timeless it shows its art, especially from glass. Because its tradation in glass processing is long and famous so that an original and good quality glass scenery could establish itself in addition to the touristy paths of the small glassblowing shops. Design and free art mix together unbiased to form a kaleidoscope of creative possibilities of development.

On its journey through the Danish „Glass landscape“ the Foundation came to know the concentrated force of the Danish potential. And it also enters virgin soil: Six artists with six different positions on this material represent a cross-section of the current Danish glass: Lene Bødker, Trine Drivsholm, Micha Karlslund, Pipaluk Lake, Tobias Møhl and Steffen Tast are ambitious artists having international reputation. In the nineties they achieved their artistic breakthrough and obtained numerous national as well as international prizes.

Lene Bødker develops her monochromous sculptures from geometric shapes the outlines of which are mostly closed with basically spacious depth like plasticity in the surface treatment. Trine Drivsholms artistic starting point is the shape of use of the glass. Its functionality alienated by her in the context of sculptural combinations. Micha Karlslunds bizarre objects are inspired by the microcosm of the cells. They enable an insight into the otherwise concealed incredible diversity and depth of life. Pipaluk Lake experiments innovatively with the possibilities of the glass during the melting process as well as in connection with metal: Her glass sculptures are snapshots of this transformation. Tobias Møhl is designer par excellence – using the most sophisticated Venetian techniques he designs minimalist Danish design from organic and very sensual shapes. Steffen Tast, a master of the details, creates with utmost precision hanging space installations and objects from numerous float glasses having the same shape and size, fiber glass and metal. He borrows his subjects from the nature.



Tobias Møhl, Glassweaver Vessel, 2011 – Photo AHH

Lene Bødker, Cylinder, 2007 – Photo Horst Kolberg

Micha Karlslund, Cells, 2003 – Photo AHH

Pipaluk Lake, Reticulate, 2009 – Photo Jesper Palm

Trine Drivsholm, Green Vessel, 2011 – Photo Horst Kolberg

Steffen Tast, Screw-screw, 2011 – Photo AHH