Eternal Spring

Barbara Nanning, Bernsteinfarbener Seetang, 2011 - Foto AHH

Eternal Spring

09.04.2011 - 03.07.2011

The acquisition of three autonomous works of the Dutch female artist Barbara Nanning for the glass collection in the year 2009 also implicated to get personally acquainted with the artist. The way how Barbara Nanning apprehends the medium glass in a wide variety of series of works impressed the Foundation so that it decided to pay attention and to show respect to her in an individual exhibition. Now it is achieved: The Foundation is extremely pleased to present to you Barbara Nanning’s brand-new works in the exhibition “Eternal Spring “.

Barbara Nanning, born in The Hague in 1957, initially made a name for herself in the international art scene with unusual individual ceramic works following her studies at the Amsterdam Rietveld Akademie. After that, she turned to glass under an order from the National Glass Museum and the Royal Glass Works Leerdam. With it, the passion for this material aroused and the artistic career took a new direction. For Barbara Nanning the nature with its manifold, often widespread world of shapes and colors is an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration. Therefore, her works are filled with contradictions and unite amorphous and rigid structures, liberty and rank, manual perfection and the use of unexpected materials.

A real priming that inspired her to do the new works was experienced by the artist in 2010 during her trip to the stronghold of the glass industry Nový Bor in the Czech Republic, where she has been working for many years with professional glass blowers in their projects. On the way she called on Meissen in Saxony and visited there a porcelain exhibition and immediately the spark ignited to transform this white splendor and beauty to glass. That way works with high aesthetics, brightness and haptic charm – all of them being messages of Barbara Nanning’s Eternal Spring. Barbara Nanning‘s new repertoire filled with varieties includes wall and floor installations as well as solitary and group objects and also humoresque pieces like the small red kiss mouth of the wall work “Kiss Kiss Kiss“, among others.



Barbara Nanning, Bernsteinfarbener Seetang, 2011 – Photo AHH

Barbara Nanning, Verre d´eglomise, 2007 – Photo Tom Haartsen

Barbara Nanning, WV 1, 2011 – Photo Horst Kolberg

Barbara Nanning, Meeresschwämme 1-3, 2011 – Photo AHH