Masters of Glass

Wilfried Grootens, Where the shark bubbles blow 10-13, 2013 - Foto Norbert Heyl
Michael Behrens ● Bert Frijns ● Wilfried Grootens ● Gabriele Küstner ● Ritsue Mishima

Masters of Glass

06.07.2013 - 06.10.2013

The huge success of our exhibition “Made in NRW – Staatspreisträger des Landes NRW in der Sparte Glas” [NRW State Prize winner in the glass division] in 2007 inspired us to take a look at the rest of the country. For decades now, several other German states have also been awarding prizes for excellence and innovation in artistic creations. Bavaria honours internationally renowned artists and artisans, Hessen focuses on German artists in its annual awards, whilst every two years NRW recognises artists who live and work in NRW.

The masters of their craft in this unique exhibition are

  • Michael Behrens from Düsseldorf who was honoured for his inspiration in glass taken from the underwater world in 2009
  • Bert Frijns from the Netherlands who impressed the Bavarian State Prize jury in 2012 with an installation of large-format vases made from flat glass
  • Wilfried Grootens from Kleve who made an impression on the North Rhine-Westphalian jury with his laminated glass cube made from flat glass and the changing life within in 2011
  • Gabriele Küstner from Göttingen who received the award for creative use of the ancient technique of melted-glass mosaics in 2012
  • Ritsue Mishima from Japan who was awarded the Bavarian State Prize in 2012 for her mouth-blown work in Murano glass entitled “Tre Gole” because she united Far Eastern design with European glass technology.

All the artists have established themselves in the world of glasswork with their own individual styles, and the State Prize marks a significant milestone in their career. This exhibition is the first time the participants have worked together. The foundation is proud that the works of these established artists have been part of the collection for many years.



Wilfried Grootens, Where the shark bubbles blow 10-13, 2013 – Photo Norbert Heyl

Ritsue Mishima, Tre Gole, 2009 – Photo Horst Kolberg

Gabriele Küstner, Mosaikteller 4.E.2013 – Photo Gabriele Küstner

Bert Frijns, Zwei Vasen, 2012 – Photo AHH

Michael Behrens, Seaforms 2013-74, 2013 – Photo Nele Siebel