New Acquisitions 2012

Rony Plesl, Scene of Red, 2012 - Foto Tomáš Brabec & Patrik Borecký

New Acquisitions 2012

26.01.2013 - 07.04.2013

What is happening in the European glass scenery? We have intensively followed up this question during the past year 2012. During our trips to exhibitions, trade shows and galleries we met artists from all over Europe. A large part of more than 70 new acquired works originate from Czech artists. This is mainly due to the fact that we exhibit the students of the three significant Czech art academies in Prague, Ústí and Labem and Zlín as well as subsequently their professors Rony Plesl, Ilja Bílek and Peter Stanický with remarkable works. In addition, well-established galleries in Germany often display Czech glass.

Even the exhibition activity of the glass museums at home and abroad was very much on the go. For instance, the glass museum in Belgian Lommel showed for the first time the International Glass Prize 2012. Intuitively, we acquired later the prize-winning works of the first prize winner Yoshiaki Kojiro and the prize winner of the audience, Siobhan Healy. Both works characterize through their enormous attractiveness: Thus, one likes to touch the huge and hackly glass cube of the Japanese despite possible danger of injury. And the tender glassy plants appear to emerge from the massive, oversize formate herbarium of the British female artist.

Our journey to Sweden was impressive. There we met artists who had been known to us since the beginning of the collection, but also outstanding and very productive artists and designers of Sweden. Ingegerd Råman, for instance, is one of the most prominent personalities of the Swedish design. Her artistry is uncomplicated, reduced to the essential with simple, timeless beauty and excellent cut. Martti Rytkönen on the contrary likes the playful poetic element. He says about himself: “When glass is concerned I am a babbler“.

The fantastic world of glass of Sweden has inspired us to present an exhibition with Swedish artists this spring. In the summer we will then show the prize-winning works of state prize winners of different German federal states and in autumn/winter works of students from the IKKG (Institute for Artistic Ceramics and Glass) Höhr-Grenzhausen.

For 2013 we wish you many fascinating insights and experiences with the glass!



Rony Plesl, Scene of Red, 2012 – Photo Tomáš Brabec & Patrik Borecký

Yoshiaki Kojiro, Shiro former 2, 2010 – Photo Yoshiaki Kojiro

Martti Rytkönen, Puppet Show 7, 2010 – Photo AHH

Siobhan Healy, Herbarium, 2011 – Photo Lighthouse Photographics