Udo Zembok: From the Deepness of the Color

Udo Zembok, Bleu 2, 2007 - Fotograf Henri Gaud

Udo Zembok: From the Deepness of the Color

30.10.2010 - 23.01.2011

“Glass is the only material that brings out color from the depth. I try to develop this third dimension of the color“ – Udo Zembok has been dedicating to this challenge since he started his artistic work with glass. His monumental sculptures and installations glow in intensive shades.

They develop from complex layers that optically merge like the colors and transcluent inks on a painter’s pallet. Light effects and the transitions between the colors generate depths in the glass objects in which color appears to materialize. His objects eradiate an almost transcendental force. They attract the viewer magnetically calling for a dialog. One wants to press into its deep interior and comprehend it, however, they remain incomprehensible and retain their last secrect for themselves.

Udo Zembok, born 1951 in Braunschweig, has been living since 1978 as freelance artist in France. After taking courses in graphic arts and painting he started working with the material glass for the first time in 1976. Orders followed very soon for public buildings and sacral buildings. Several times he was awarded international prizes for his work. He received, for instance, in 2003 the French State Prize for Art and Handicraft, 2006 the 2nd prize during the award of Coburg glass prize.

Whether in the autonomous or in the applied arts Udo Zembok remains as an artist true to himself. He is a painter, he paints on glass and with glass and it enables him to paint with light and to generate a depth that is only possible with the medium glass. Like nobody else he understands to preserve his color and forming language at all levels of his work – an universal idea combines his free sculptures and architecture-related objects.

This special strong point makes him pathbreaking for other artists. For many years he has been teaching as a desired lecturer at universities and institutions in Europe and the U.S. on the subject color tree and light in smelting glass technologies.

The new exhibition shows his current works including two monumental sculptures. In the one anybody may go in and stride through, the other, the most recent work is exclusively designed for this work show being matched with the architecture of the Glass Museum Alter Hof Herding.

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Udo Zembok, Coeur, 2008, Leihgabe Udo Zembok – Photo Udo Zembok

Udo Zembok, Bleu 2, 2007 – Photo Henri Gaud

Udo Zembok, Noir-Orange, 2010 – Photo Udo Zembok

Udo Zembok, La Porte étroite, 2010, Leihgabe Udo Zembok – Photo AHH