Visitor: Poland

Glass made in Wroclaw

Visitor: Poland

25.10.2014 - 11.01.2015

Wroclaw, Polish for Breslau, holds good even today as a traditional centre for glass. Once this city was metropolis of the historical region Silesia and in the 13th century the place of production for glass. In the 17th century the glass conditioning (engraving, cut and painting) was pushed in such a masterly manner that glass from Silesia was an internationally demanded export article. However, new technologies from Italy like filigree and millefiori were picked here at an early stage and developed further.

After the 2nd World War an amazing multilateral glass creation developed from these roots. Wroclow had its strong power of radiation thanks to the Academy for Fine Arts being founded in 1946 – one of the most dynamic art academies of the country until this date. The only Faculty for Glass and Ceramics was founded here that quickly developed as a centre for new artistic and glass technical impulse. It offers a well-founded training at technical-industrial level to qualify the students for the artistic contact with conventional and new technologies of the glass formation. New perspectives start developing inventively and discovering an own artistic expression.

Our guests from Poland are partly international renowned teachers, graduates and students of the glass department present to you about 60 works. All of them have one thing in common: They perfectly master the handling of the different glass technologies, break and interpret however the long-standing tradition at the same time continuously anew. Their works are abstract, sculptural, narrative, ironical or simply touching. Each work is unique in its character, statement, style and shape – an expression of the individual access of the artist to the medium glass.

Our special thanks are due to the Polish artist Marzena Krzeminska-Baluch. She acted as an agent between the artists and the Foundation. Even Marzena Krzeminska-Baluch is present with strong and still works.

Welcome! It’s nice that you are here – Serdecznie Witam, Cieszymy się że Państwo z nami są!



Wojtek Peszko, Archa III, 2008 – Photo Stanislaw Sielicki

Marzena Krzeminska, Between 3, 2011 – Photo Stephen Vest

Patrycja Dubiel, Nihil Novi, 2010 – Photo AHH

Stanislaw Sobota, Turquoise Atoll, 2013 – Photo Stanislaw Sielicki