“Water and Ice”

Peter Bremers, AS 02-19, 2002 - Foto Paul Niessen
Michael Behrens and Peter Bremers

“Water and Ice”

12.07.2008 - 28.09.2008

Water and Ice – under this title the Glass Museum Alter Hof Herding will present works of the two artists Michael Behrens and Peter Bremers in a new exhibition.

Though the two artists look at the glass in a totally different way, their works show many points of contact. The natural phenomena water and ice, optically very close to the glass, are inexhaustible sources of inspiration for both.

Trips to the Antarctic have deeply impressed the Dutchman Peter Bremers. His monumental sculptures of great presence reflect the stunning aura of the polar ice formations. Ossified in abstract shapes like ice, they appear to rest themselves in an almost contemplative way.

Unforeseeable light fluctuations often lend to the monochrome works a mysterious depth, a hidden shine – one feels like looking inside a glacier.

Diving operations in the underwater world before the coasts of Indonesia inspired Michael Behrens. The young artist from Düsseldorf has introduced new trends in the art of glass: They act amorphous, liquid, appear like water always waving in a soft movement which is not easily comprehensible. The illusion is still intensified when the colours blend within the object. The observer wishes to take hold of the glass and to catch a structure in the diffuse thicket.

Michael Behrens and Peter Bremers brilliantly master the techniques of glass design. Their ice and water landscapes impress with an unparallel dimension and depth.

The foundation is delighted to present with „Water and Ice“ a double exhibition in German-Dutch cooperation.



Michael Behrens, Underwater-World 91-2008 – Photo Paul Niessen

Michael Behrens, Underwater-World 89-2008 – Photo Paul Niessen

Peter Bremers, I&P 07-114, 2007 – Photo Paul Niessen

Peter Bremers, AS 02-19, 2002 – Photo Paul Niessen