Patula Berm

Patula Berm, Knight in shiny armour, 2007 - Foto AHH
“My Dresses”

Patula Berm

13.10.2007 - 13.01.2008

The Dutch artist Patula Berm is the designer of exciting dresses, bustiers and wigs. You can’t wear her creations, though – they’re made of glass!

A fascinating aura encompasses her clothing, casting a spell on the observer and sending him or her on a journey replete with fantasy, esprit and poetry.

When Patula Berm works, she’s led by her intuition and associations. Even in the conceptual stage, each of her sculptures subsists on its own special atmosphere, which she then realizes in her creation.

The artist finds inspiration for her work everywhere: the depth of the ocean, the water which forms a type of second skin around the body, the nostalgia of an old movie or even just a particularly magical moment.

In creating her glass clothing on the other hand, she’s often stimulated by common everyday objects: mirrors, coins, silverware, brushes, strands of hair, red peppers or shells. She combines these various materials with her glass creations, thus giving them a completely new meaning.

Patula Berm started coming up with her glass clothing in 1995 in the Amsterdam glass studio Van Tetterode.

The glass museum Alter Hof Herding is extremely pleased to present the works of a single artist again for the first time in a long time. Come and be amazed by the extraordinary pieces on exhibit.



Patula Berm, Knight in shiny armour, 2007 – Photo AHH

Patula Berm, Mirrow Image, 2002 – Photo Richard Willebrands

Patula Berm, Memories of Lavander, 2007 – Photo Richard Willebrands

Patula Berm, Flying fish, 2007 – Photo Richard Willebrands