21.01.2023 - 01.05.2023

We set out without luggage, always in search of new glass art, and we returned with bags full! Many artists have put the recent years of standstill brought about by COVID to good use as a highly creative phase for themselves. But they had to overcome considerable challenges, as the circumstances of the pandemic were not exactly congenial to carrying out artistic work processes with the material of glass. And yet they managed to find resourceful ways out of the crisis, as is noticeable in their new pieces. Once again, glass art proved its ability to thrive even under the most adverse conditions.

Sabine Nein, who lives and works in the Franconia region, has tellingly named her new work “Tunnel Vision (Light at the End of the Tunnel)”. She wished to give form to the idea that even in a seemingly hopeless situation, the light of hope can shine.

We have also become acquainted with the distinctive works of the multi-award-winning Japanese artist Hiroshi Yamano. One of the most influential artists on the Japanese glass scene, he is also highly respected worldwide for his wide-ranging skills and innovative techniques. Yamano’s art betrays the influence of Shintoism, a Japanese religion in which nature is experienced as divine. His works are gentle nature studies, showing flowers, birds, clear water and frequently fish, a personal symbol for Yamano. “I am a fish that is always looking for something. I am a fish that cannot stop swimming until my body stops moving,” says the artist, who has spent the past decades travelling the world and gathering inspiration.

We, too, have once more been inspired by the unusual new artistic discoveries we made on our travels to exhibitions, fairs and art events. Artists from all over the world showed their latest pieces there, presenting a wide range of objects, sculptures and installations based on diverse techniques and forms.

We are sure you will share our delight in the 60 or so new works that now enrich our collection – there are certainly some surprises in store amongst our 2021 and 2022 acquisitions!


Photo above: Hiroshi Yamano, New Fish Catcher #1, 2021 – Photo Hiroshi Yamano

Photos (from left):

Torsten Rötzsch, Varianten B 1.1.7, B 1.167.2, B 1.351 (1), 2021 – Photo Torsten Rötzsch

Ursula Distler, …sie sind unter uns…, 2021 – Photo Ursula Distler

Patrick Roth, H.R.G., 2022 – Photo Patrick Roth

Micha Karlslund, Triptych with Teen (2), 2020 – Photo Micha Karlslund

Reiner Eul, Gestörte Kommunikation, 2021 – Photo Reiner Eul

Robert Emeringer, Spring Flowers – Red Rose, 2021 – Photo Zaiga Baiza

Ursula-Maren Fitz, Schattenwelten II, 2021 – Photo Ursula-Maren Fitz

Sabine Nein, Tunnelblick (Licht am Ende des Tunnels), 2021 – Photo Hans Nein

Olga Pusztay, Geometrische Poesie, 2022 – Photo Zoltan Szalai

Wilhelm Vernim, o.T., 2022 – Photo Wilhelm Vernim

Remigijus Kriukas, Baobab, 2021 – Photo Marius Rudžianskas

Tracy Nicholls, Aulisca X, 2021 – Photo Amanda Rose