New Acquisitions 2011

Ivan Mares, Rope Egg, 2008, Foto O. Kocourek

New Acquisitions 2011

04.02.2012 - 15.04.2012

February 04 – April 15, 2012

“Glass is like an idea – it can occur in different shapes as heavy as a block or as tender as the wing of a butterfly. Its transparency permits an insight into the hidden interior of the things and the balance between the visible and the invisible world“. In poetic terms the Estonian female artist Kairi Orgusaar describes her perception on the glass. And if one considers the 60 new acquisitions of the collection then you are very close to this philosophy. With Kairi Orgusaar the Foundation made its first meeting with Estonian artists who are comparatively unknown in Western Europe, however, developed themselves independently offside the traditional glass strongholds attaining outstanding performances. Their works generate a deep intuition for material qualities of the glass, for instance, Mare Saares touching tender Pâte de verre object “Casting Shadow“ or Ivo Lills ground object “Lace 1“ and his clear aesthetic language of shapes.

The Foundation conscientiously searched for well-known artists anew: Very impressive are the current works of the French female artist Anne-Lise Riond Sibony, which confront the view with common items incorporating unusual emotions. Only apparently the three dimensional lifestyle “Mangez le Omega 3“ is an abundantly arranged fish platter that brings the current health trend (“Eat Omega 3 fatty acids“) to the point. Actually, the modern (food) culture however degrades the vital creature and even the whole nature to an inanimate object that we thoughtlessly use for our modern lifestyle.

The Belgian artist Giampaolo Amoruso attracts with his “Dandy“ figures active attention that play lovingly ironically with the attributes of the manliness. Extravagant clad, but a little bit introverted enriches one of them, “Ernesto, le Dandy“, the collection.

You´re welcome to an inspiring expedition to the world of the contemporary European glass!



Ivan Mares, Rope Egg, 2008 – Photo O. Kocourek

Kairi Orgusaar, The Kiss, 2010 – Photo Kati Kerstna

Anne-Lise Riond Sibony, Mangez des omegas 3, 2011 – Photo Jean-Marc Gourdon

Giampaolo Amoruso, Ernesto, Le Dandy, 2010 – Photo Horst Kolberg