Poland’s vibrant glass scene

Poland’s vibrant glass scene

08.06.2024 - 20.10.2024

It was exactly ten years ago that we first invited Polish artists to exhibit with us who were associated as graduates or teachers with the renowned Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, a prominent school for art glass in Poland.

In spring 2023, we paid a renewed visit to the academy’s glass department. We encountered there a state-of-the-art creative workshop in a spacious new building, equipped with technical infrastructure of a high standard, providing ideal conditions for training students. Thanks to the broad array of technical equipment at their disposal, students can learn here all the various techniques for working with glass in its hot or cold state, including glassblowing, fusing, lampwork, glass painting, cutting, engraving, architectural glass and restoration.

Experienced and highly specialised teaching staff who collaborate with international experts ensure a high level of instruction. The students have the unique opportunity to engage with glass in an interdisciplinary fashion, thus gaining new perspectives that help them to find their own artistic path – a situation that is quite exceptional on the international scene.

We were extremely impressed with these training conditions and the resulting artworks, reinforcing our desire to invite representatives from the school to exhibit with us. Our guests from Poland, among them world-renowned lecturers, graduates and students from the glass department at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, will be presenting around 50 works. They all demonstrate a perfect command of the various glassmaking techniques, but they also like to break with tradition in order to come up with something new. Their works are abstract, sculptural, narrative, ironic, or simply moving. Each piece makes its own statement, displaying a unique character, style, and form that express the artist’s own personal approach to the medium of glass.

We would like to thank especially the two artists Kalina Bańka-Kulka and Marzena Krzemińska-Baluch as well as Magdalena and Wiktor Borowski, who all acted as intermediaries between the artists and the foundation. Thanks to their support we are now able to present Poland’s vibrant glass scene for the second time at our glass museum!

Photos (from left):

Kalina Bańka-Kulka, Enjoy your meal! (2), 2020 – Photo Kalina Bańka-Kulka

Dagmara Bielecka, все для победы! (All for victory!), 2023 – Photo Grzegorz Stadnik

Monika Rubaniuk, Creeper, 2021 – Photo Titus Poplawski

Agnieszka Leśniak Banasiak, In my mind, 2019 – Photo Krzysztof Pachurka


Stanisław Sobota, Nadciąga mrok (Darkness is coming), 2022 – Photo Stanisław Sobota

Antonina Joszczuk-Brzozowska, Ashes to Ashes II, no.3, 2023 – Photo Justyna Żak

Magdalena Wodarczyk, Implosion, 2017 – Photo Grzegorz Stadnik

Wojciech Peszko, Frog Trap II, 2016 – Photo Krzysztof Pachurka


Pati Dubiel, Infantuazione, 2022 – Photo Anna Huzarska

Anna Józefowska, Arron, 2022 – Photo Michał Łagoda

Katarzyna Krej, Explosion, 2024 – Photo Agnieszka Wira

Dziyana Shydlouskaya, Adinkra (2), 2019 – Photo Dziyana Shydlouskaya