New Additions 2015

Louis Thompson + Hanne Enemark, Panicum in Amethyst, 2015 - Foto Ester Segarra

New Additions 2015

16.01.2016 - 10.04.2016

The European glass scenery remains alive full of surprises.

For example, the annual exhibition “Ovengevormd Glas“ in the Dutch Joure has emerged as an attractive address for enthusiasts of art from glass. We have met many interesting newcomers who approach the art in a fresh and unprejudiced manner at this international show. One of them is Nataliya Vladychko from the Ukraine. Her tender, nostalgic lace handkerchief from fine Pâte de verre takes us to the past when such an utensil was of high value. Finally, a long contemplating desire came true to see works of the renowned artist Heike Brachlow displayed. The adopted Englishwoman is almost never represented in Germany so that we deemed ourselves extremely lucky to come to know her in Joure with her precisely cast and ground autonomous works. With “Ellipsis III“ we welcome the artist in our collection.

For the first time we visited the British Glass Biennale in Stourbridge. Even this visit was rewarding: We acquired the sculpture of Ashraf Hanna, which received the 1st prize. The Ethiopian artist mostly works with cast glass. He is fascinated from shapes that apparently change drawing the attention of the eye to their three-dimensional aspects. Among the representative number of the exhibits some new entries were chosen, but also a “well-known” I the meantime, Louis Thompson. “Panicum“, expression of harmony and magic, formally and stylistic supplementing his „DNA Helix“ already being represented in the collection.

Even in Germany two renowned glass prize awards took place in 2015 thanks to the glass museums Immenhausen and Rheinbach. Visits to these two exhibitions had serious consequences. Works full of poetry now enrich the narrative side of the glass collection.

Last but not least we want to announce a special highlight: In summer 2016 the glass museum Alter Hof Herding will celebrate its 20th anniversary and the glass depot its 10th anniversary. On the birthday we will present you a big anniversary exhibition, a comprehensive catalogue as well as with a glass edition designed for this festival.

Look forward with us to 2016 full of actions!



Louis Thompson u. Hanne Enemark, Panicum in Amethyst, 2015 – Photo Ester Segarra

Ashraf Hanna, Untitled 1, 2014 – Photo Ester Segarra

Christina Kargl, Bowls of Nature, 2014 – Photo Christina Kargl

Michael Behrens, Seaforms 2014-116, 2014 – Photo Paul Niessen