Guest: Art Academy Burg Giebichenstein Halle

Pictures / Space / Object / Glass

Guest: Art Academy Burg Giebichenstein Halle

16.04.2016 - 26.06.2016

The Art Academy Burg Giebichenstein in Halle (Saale) has a traditional history. In 1915 it was officially founded as Art Vocational School within the meaning of German Werkbund. When in 1925 the Bauhaus in Weimar was dissolved, numerous representatives came from there to the Burg. The Burg Giebichenstein remained until 1989 one of the most influential training centers for designers and artists in the GDR. In 1989 it was reorganized as Art Academy and the training is since then in line with international and finding support related with specific field from the industry, economy, private and public institutions.

In the special class Pictures/Space/Object/Glass young artists come together to concentrate themselves on the material glass. At the same time the name of the class is program – a statement for material and context! According to this principle the students conceptually deal with glass. They learn or refine not only manual skills, but also come to a stop to fathom out the plastic and artistic properties of the material glass. In the event of a high manual requirement idea, concept and discourse come to the fore. It develops a process in which the young artists experience the training of their individual artistic language, derive formats and social acts to position themselves with their work.

In our exhibition we present actual results of these processes that also stands for a new consideration of glass in the contemporary art: Displayed are space-seizing installations, wall objects and sculptures from cast or blown glass, often in connection with other materials. They all demonstrate esprit, humor and profoundness as well as great manual knowhow. The works originate from 11 artists – a group that understands itself as a team under the management of instructor Sebastian Richter. They are accompanied by their female professor, the renowned artist Christine Triebsch.

The guests are: Carl Bens, Felicitas Fässler, Wilhelm Frederking, Eri Hayashi, Juliane Hoffmann, Nora Manthei, Anne Martin, Alexander Roschke, Jorge Sanchez Di Bello, Jakob Schreiter, Jenny Trinks, Sebastian Richter, Christine Triebsch.



Jorge Sanchez Di Bello, Elvia Cortés, 2015 – Photo AHH

Anne Martin, Fraktale Geometrie, 2016 –Photo Anne Martin

Eri Hayashi, Eine Insel, 2015 – Photo Uli Kühnle

Jakob Schreiter, Space Solid, 2015 – Photo AHH