New Acquisitions 2014

New Acquisitions 2014

17.01.2015 - 12.04.2015

It’s time again – traditionally we invite you to the first exhibition with the new acquisitions of the preceding year. At the beginning of a new year we question us again and again: Which exhibitions we will visit, how many new artists we can win for the collection, will we meet well-known with fresh, cute and cheerful works or we will come to know new techniques?

We were amazed in the past year while visiting the Coburg Glass Prize. We hit the mark here – we were extremely lucky that we could have the work that won the first prize for our collection: “Blind Boxes for NoThing“ of the Danish female artist Karen Lise Krabbe. They are fragile boxes made of glass powder and olivine (like glass they belong to the silicates) which can only be recognized as such in open condition. With utmost perfection the material is cast layer by layer in a sand cast creating the illusion they have occurred naturally like sand layers created through wind and erosion. Ka­ren Lise Krabbe not only plays with the traditional shape and function of glass, but with the perception of the observer as well.

The lamp glass scene is running at full steam, the artist’s inspirations do not know an end as in case of Oliver Drobar from Germany. His works captivate through their incredible delicacy: They are precisely worked glass networks with waving structures that react even to tender air movements. Drobar himself describes his objects as living glass.

Another highlight was the Museum Glazenhuis in Belgian Lommel that presented us under the title “UK Glass“ new artistic glass from Great Britain. You can be sure that this visit also had consequence for the collection! The window images “Window I + II“ of the female artist Erin Dickson caught our attention. She attains her objective to understand her windows as autonomous works of art and not as a part of the architecture with a technique that makes the clarification of the motive impossible and manipulates the observer.

Be curious and look forward with us to a varied exhibition with our “New Acquisitions 2014“!



Oliver Drobar, Eisschmelze, 2011 – Photo Daniel Heydecke

David Reekie, Daggers Drawn III, 2012 – Photo David Reekie

Julia Malle, Spheres, 2010 – Photo Horst Kolberg

Stanislaw Borowski, The Bird III, 2006 – Photo Sasa Fuis