New Acquisitions 2013

New Acquisitions 2013

25.01.2014 - 29.03.2014

“Working with glass offers me an unlimited variety of possibilities“, says the Swiss artist Veronika Suter about the world of glass. Her friendly, bold, but also seriously sheepish looking “Onlookers“ welcome you from now on outside on the way to the museum. In search of new objects for the glass collection it is always discovered that glass as a material and medium conceals an endless depth of options. Like that every year turns out differently again and again than the preceding one – similar to life: One never knows what will happen und whom one will meet. To react openly, unbiased and flexibly in respect of all artistic events has the highest proposition in this process.

In the new exhibition we present the fascinating results of the expeditions of 2013. Nearly 60 new works have been acquired almost clockwise from artists from all over Europe: Denmark, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands and England. This time the main emphasis is on sculptural works. There are partly abstract works like the blazing blue “Propagate“ of the British artist Shelley Doolan or the “Between Fragment and Whole” made of a multiplicity of blown and cut glass fragments by Jeannet Iskandar from Denmark. However, there are figurals as well, e.g. the mysterious “Portrait“ of the Bulgarian Hari Arabyan.

Today we would like to tell you about two exhibitions in this year:

In spring we will repeat the topic lamp glass and to this effect we invited three excellent masters of their craft: Anne Jeitz and Alain Calliste from Luxemburg as well as their German colleague Jörg Hanowski. Specifically for the exhibition they will work out a composite work. On international scale it will continue in summer: Artists from Estonia will present their remarkable works which have been independently developed apart from the traditional glass strongholds.

Do not miss the inspiring, limitless world of glass!



Shelley Doolan, Propagate, 2012 – Photo Simon Bruntnell

Oldrich Pliva, Un-Endlich, 2012 – Photo Horst Kolberg

Hari Arabyan, Portrait, 2012 – Photo Sandro Arabyan

Emmanuel Babled, Osmosi Vase, 2013 – Photo Nicole Marnati