New Acquisitions 2009

Rebeca Huerta Viga, Infinity Spring, 2008 - Horst Kolberg

New Acquisitions 2009

23.01.2010 - 18.04.2010

“Working with glass teaches discipline, respect and patience, but if you get involved with it you get a type of colorful message full of energy, love and hope“, the way the artist Anne Hein describes her work with the medium glass – a message that also achieves its goal while looking at the glass art. Anne Hein belongs to the great young talents of the actual glass scene. She received several prizes in the past years, in 2007 she received, e.g. the state prize of the federal state Rheinland-Pfalz. Her works attract through an incredible tenderness; bowls that remember to fine woven fabrics though it is difficult to conceive that they were made out a type of glass slurry.

The Foundation has also met many innovative artists on the international floor during the past year. While visiting the exhibition „Connections“ in Prague one could come to know the works of the Danish woman Pipaluk Lake. She is an extremely creative artist, fascinated from the almost inexhaustible possibilities that result through the combination between glass, metal and other elements. „What would have been if..?“ – the question is her most important motivation during the creation process. The Foundation discovered on its trips with great pleasure: Glass as artistic medium evokes in fine artists a growing, intensive interest. For this, the Mexican artist Rebeca Huerta Viga left even her native country to exercise her work with glass at the Glass Centre in Prague under professional conditions.

The Foundation has also made artistic new discoveries in 2009 during own exhibitions in the Glass Museum. Through their free, refreshing handling with glass students of the glass departments of the IKA Mechelen, (Belgium) also the visitors – the show „Een eigenzinnige weg“ developed itself to the absolute darling of the public! The Dutch artist Winnie Teschmacher, who together with Simsa Cho and Menno Jonker devoted herself to the exhibition topic abstraction and surprised everybody with the clear, reposing architecture of her glass objects. Apart from that, the Foundation could purchase some of the unusual hollow-wares of the renowned artist Franz Xaver Höller, who said about his exhibition „Form – Wandel“ that it is a milestone of his artistic career. This show compiled the subjects of his lifework and opened at the same time the door to new works with optical glass.

Look forward to a staggering new exhibition with a cross-section of the ongoing glass art scene and artists about whom one would like to say Stars on the rise!



Rebeca Huerta Viga, Infinity Spring, 2008 – Photo Horst Kolberg

Pipaluke Lake, Carry away I, 2008 – Photo Horst Kolberg

Anne Hein, Diabolo, 2009 – Photo AHH

František Janak, Capricorn, 2005 – Photo Frantisek Janák