Poesy in Everyday Life

Patula Berm, Memories of Lavander, 2007 - Foto Richard Willebrands

Poesy in Everyday Life

13.04.2013 - 30.06.2013

Everyday life means for many people routine and boredom. Continuous repetition of familiar sequences offers safety and security though it enlivens at the same time the wish to break out and to look for the particular and unexpected to spontaneously make a festive day out of the everyday life. A longing that connects all adult people irrespective of their sex, age, origin and social status. In order to shake off the everyday yoke and to bring magic into life everybody acts very individually. The one furnishes his new apartment, the other improves his external appearance with new things or makes life colorful with a few flowers. Someone changes his life, takes flight from everyday life that, in turn, may again be a trap.

The stunt to maintain here the balance and to arrange with the inevitable everyday life, to find magical moments in the putative sadness has also inspired artists. Their quest for the poesy in everybody life documents our exhibition carrying the same name. The glass collection proves itself to be an enormous source in this subject: A very big part of the stock reflects the commonplace items whether they are bowls, vases, bottles or cans. Even associations with varying textiles are frequently found. With it the art escapes the item as in a metamorphosis from its everyday reality – it mutates from an appropriated commodity to the independent work of art. The observer will be confronted with a new view of the material world that surrounds him everyday effective for the incredible aesthetics of the totally normal everyday articles. The artists dismiss the items from their banality, assign even to a saw or a scissor a new task and confer a glamorous appearance to Dutch clogs.

Escape the everyday life and go underground. Have a good journey!



Patula Berm, Memories of Lavander, 2007 – Photo Richard Willebrands

Louise Rice, Safe as Houses , 2003 – Photo Ron Zijlstra

Caroline Prisse, Dutch Cinderella, 1997 – Photo Ron Zijlstra

Drew Smith, o.T., 1980 – Photo Ron Zijlstra