29.03.2014 - 22.06.2014

Lamp glass is an old technique by which glass objects are shaped not in the furnace, but at the open flame of a gas burner, the so-called “Lamp“. Traditionally, it is the art of the small shape that allows shaping pearls, miniatures, molds or small-size jars perfectly. In the past years artists have almost revolutionized this type of glass: With free, plastic, partially also large-size objects they currently pave completely new paths for the lamp glass.

We already presented this development in summer 2010 in our exhibition “Network, Rod, Barb – World View and Poetry. Contemporary Lamp Glass from Five Nations“ Now we are carrying on the topic and present you works of the Luxembourger Anne Claude Jeitz and the Frenchman Alain Calliste and the German Jörg Hanowski. All three have crossed the limits of the traditional lamp glass long ago. They know each other for many years meeting again and again through artistic projects. Specifically, for our new exhibition they have even created a joint work with „Playground“.

Anne Claude Jeitz and Alain Calliste are spouses and also closely associated with each other artistically. They jointly create poetic artworks according to the filigrane technology by which they have set international standards in the meantime. Their works in “verre filé“, a netlike spun lace fabric from glass narrates stories of their numerous trips and human encounters with a critical, but warmhearted view of the things and the people.

Inspired by the shapes and organic structures is the artist Jörg Hanowski living in Witten. He also has equally the command of the technology and the art. His works are voluminous and interactive- they appear to create a secret connection with the respective environment. In addition, he works with the luminous inert gases neon and argon. These illuminated objects with their partially pulsated, partially graphic shapes mislead to play with the perspective.

Lamp glass is a technology that one can experience closely and directly. It allows that the artists can finally demonstrate onsite live and stirring how their artworks are created.

The demonstrations will take place: Sunday, 30.03.2014 and Sunday, 22.06.2014 from 14 – 17 hours respectively at the Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding.



Anne Claude Jeitz u. Alain Calliste, Symphony, 2009 – Photo Anne Jeitz

Jörg Hanowski, Biogenese 1, 2003 – Photo Lutz Naumann

Jörg Hanowski, Phytoplankton 2, 2014 – Photo Norbert Dähn

Anne Claude Jeitz u. Alain Calliste, Patience, 2010 – Photo Anne Jeitz