New acquisitions 2007

Carmelo López, Homenage an Goya, 2005 - Foto Ralf Bauer

New acquisitions 2007

19.01.2008 - 20.04.2008

Collecting, exhibiting, informing are the main tasks of a museum. In order to fulfil this task, the foundation annually tracks down the trends in modern art. That way it acquires consistently and continuously the glass objects which grade up the collection to an exemplary work exhibition of European glass art. Right at the beginning of the new year the foundation traditionally presents the finding of its collection of the preceding year at its exhibition “New acquisitions”.

Travelling to such significant glass centres of Europe as, for example, Leerdam, Strasbourg and Ebeltoft (Denmark) gave the important impulses to the collection last year among other things. In Leerdam the foundation could acquire two works of Menno Jonker. The Dutchman was nominated to one of the best glass artists of the world in 2001 by the Corning Museum of Glass (USA). His works are appreciated, first of all, because of their technical perfection, the unique language of forms and the innovative handling of the glass material.

At the same time the collection has been increased by many interesting exhibits from the latest special exhibitions “Space 14″ and ” Made in NRW “.

The works of young, experimentally working glass artists from the Academy of Arts in Stuttgart and the works of the established artists who have received the State Price of North Rhine-Westphalia for their special handling of glass are among them.

The foundation is proud that in the course of this exhibition it could take up into the collection the sculpture “Into each other” by Klaus U. Hilsbecher , for which he was awarded the State Price in 2007.



Carmelo López, Homenage an Goya, 2005 – Photo Ralf Bauer

Menno Jonker, Odi et Amo, 2005.- Photo Horst Kolberg

Hartmann Greb, Neptun verlässt das Meer, 2007 – Photo Horst Kolberg

Mieke Pontier, Clouds II, 2006 – Photo Aad Doorduin