New Acquistions 2006

Blanka-Adensamova,The head of Hathor, 2005 - Foto Horst Kolberg

New Acquistions 2006

27.01.2007 - 29.04.2007

 In the past year 2006 the glass collection Ernsting has expanded through many fascinating and important objects as well.

The Glass Museum is not only showing new works of already familiar artists like Hanneke Fokkelmann and Richard Price, but also works of less popular artists; e.g. Dafna Kaffeman from Israel, whose fragile, colourful objects possess a very special charm, or Blanka Adensamova, who gives her glass sculptures a shining transparency.

The Glass Museum is particularly pleased to simultaneously present two works of the prizewinners of the renowned Coburg Glass Prize 2006.              Udo Zembok, a German glass artist living in Alsace, was honoured in April 2006 for his sculptural, multi-layer fusing objects that already gave him an international reputation. Zembok achieves the impressive brightness of his objects by applying colour pigments, metals or minerals on several glass layers and fusing them to compact plates. Once the sculpture is perfect, the colours appear to shine from the depth of the object – an effect that virtually exercises a magnetic attraction on the viewer.

Josepha Gasch-Muche, the second main prizewinner of the Coburg Glass Prize, is regarded as a newcomer in the glass scene. She belonged to free painting before turning recently to glass – with unexpected success. Gasch-Muche works with extremely thin display glass which is being used in industrial processes. She breaks it into tiny fragments and fixes them relief-like with a colourless glue on a picture frame. In the incidence of light the numerous reflecting fragment layers finally develop a breathtaking, intensive momentum.

The Foundation acquired one of the most fascinating glass pictures from the first exhibition of the artist in Baden-Baden – without suspecting that the glass collection Ernsting came to possess with this a work of the future prizewinner of the Coburg Glass Prize 2006.

The Glass Museum is delighted to present to its guests once again with the exhibition New Acquistions 2006 a varied view of the different trends of the current glass art.



Josepha Gasche-Muche, 10.2.03., 2003 – Photo AHH

Blanka Adensamova,The head of Hathor, 2005 – Photo Horst Kolberg

Dafna Kaffeman, Tactile stimulation, 2005 – Photo Horst Kolberg

Hanneke Fokkelmann, o.T., 2006 – Photo Horst Kolberg