Antoine Pierini and Friends

Antoine Pierini and Friends

08.08.2020 - 10.01.2021

The small town of Biot in Southern France, located between Cannes and Nice in the Alpes Maritimes region, is considered the French capital of contemporary glassmaking. A number of highly skilled glassmakers have their place of work there. Among them are Robert Pierini, his son Antoine and Antoine’s wife Gaëlle, true enthusiasts who are devoted heart and soul to this fascinating material. The family members have long worked hand in hand very successfully for their own company: the Pierini Glass Art Center.

The Pierini family success story goes back to 1980, when Robert Pierini, a pioneer of the studio glass movement in France, and his wife Francine discovered an old olive oil mill from the fifteenth century at the foot of the town of Biot. They immediately recognised the potential of this magical place. After purchasing and renovating the historical building, they set up their glass studio here. Their son Antoine was born in 1980 and grew up in this extraordinary setting, watching his father at work with growing interest. By the age of ten he was already able to wield his father’s utensils, such as pipe, wood block and shears. But he learned more from his father than just the basic techniques and knowledge of glassmaking – he also discovered the joy of mastering this molten material. Antoine later continued his training by taking courses, doing residencies, and working in various artists’ studios and at museums and art centres in the USA, Japan and Europe.

Travelling and meeting the biggest names on the international glass scene enriched and refined Antoine Pierini’s own artistic vision. The prime themes in his work today are the richness and fragility of the natural and cultural heritage of the Mediterranean region: “I try to capture with my glass sculptures the ancestral and ephemeral poetry of Mediterranean cultures and landscapes.” Antoine Pierini has developed his own signature style, creating pieces that captivate with both their colours and shapes. His working method combines traditional skills with cutting-edge experimentation, and he likes to call himself an “artist of matter” who lends his creations a sensitive and poetic depth.

The Pierini family’s many encounters with international artists inspired them to establish their own artist-in-residence programme. Artists who share the Pierinis’ passion for glass flock to Biot from all over the world to work in the studio at the Pierini International Glass Art Center. Here they find an ideal setting for sharing ideas with other artists as they develop and produce new works that then have their public debut in the Art Center galleries.

In 2005, Antoine and his wife Gaëlle took over the management of the family business. But this transfer of responsibility did not really change anything in the daily life of the family, as father Robert still works side by side with his son Antoine and the other artists.

We are very much looking forward to a rendezvous with “Antoine Pierini and Friends”. Bienvenue!


Photo above:

Antoine Pierini, Dunes (Installation-blue) – Photo Ilan Dehe


Antoine Brodin, Hypnos, 2018 – Photo Antoine Brodin

Robert Pierini, Plume, 2001 – Photo Gaelle Pierini

Raven Skyriver, Hyppocampe, 2018 – Photo Galla Theodosis

Rob Stern, Solares, 2019 – Photo Ilan Dehe

Nicolas Laty, Snake Berlingot, 2018 – Photo Nicolas Laty

Antoine Pierini, On the Rock, 2017 – Photo Ilan Dehe

Kelly O’Dell, Homard, 2018 – Photo Galla Theodosis

Gabe Feenan, Squiggle tea, 2018 – Photo Loic Bisoli

Ethan Stern, Blue Fraction, 2018 – Photo Loic Bisoli

Ondrej Novotny, Speculum Multicolor, 2019 – Photo Ilan Dehe

Ethan Stern, Blue Fraction, 2018 – Photo Loic Bisoli

Léo, Toa (P1010859), 2019 – Photo Leo

Galla Theodosis, Tears of Dionysos, 2018 – Photo Galla Theodosis