“With plenty of feeling and calm hand…“

Michael Stangl, Heimat und Ferne, 2011 (Glasfachschule Zwiesel, Lampenglas) - Foto Gunther Fruth, Franz X. Höller
Free and applied glass from the Staatlichen Glasfachschule (State Technical Glass School) Zwiesel

“With plenty of feeling and calm hand…“

20.10.2012 - 20.01.2013

At the Glasfachschule Zwiesel students and teachers have a common goal: expressing their passion for the material glass – with technical know-how and creative ideas, “with plenty of feeling and calm hand“, as accurately phrased by a female student. The enthusiasm for the material with its mere unlimited possibilities, the interaction between shapes and colors, the fascination of the hot glass and the joy in refining the cold glass characterize here the education.

Amid the Bavarian Forest with its great glass tradition, the Glasfachschule Zwiesel has developed itself to one of the most modern competence centers for design, craftsmanship and technology in the glass sector in Europe. The oldest glass school in Germany was founded as early as in 1904. Thanks to a future-oriented management it defies all upheavals in the glass industry and offers an outstanding infrastructure for the education and further education. Young people from the entire German-speaking region come to Zwiesel to work creative artistic, to obtain further education or to learn a glass technical or industrial profession. Many renowned glass artists come from the Glasfachschule Zwiesel, to some extent they also work there as teachers. In the vocational technical school the students obtain a comprehensive education that depending on the main focus range from the glass painting via glass refining like engraving, grinding and flat glass processing, design glass blowing up to creative glass making at the studio furnace. In this process, a quick transformation of concepts in the hot glass area is accomplished by the teaching and test glass factory of the school. New at the Glasfachschule Zwiesel is the education for creative design.

The works exhibited reveal that all students bear glass in their genes. All of them reflect the high aesthetic and technical standard of the education at that end. The exhibition will be accompanied by Hans Wudy, who has been acting as principal since 1997 with great success and Franz Xaver Höller, renowned artist and devoted teacher at the Glasfachschule Zwiesel since 1981.



Markus Marschmann, Heimat und Ferne, 2011 (Glasfachschule Zwiesel, Abt. Lampenglas) – Photo Horst Kolberg

Doris Heymel, Schale, 2006 (Glasfachschule Zwiesel, Abt. Produktdesign) – Photo Gunther Fruth, Franz X. Höller

Alina Li, Gesellenstück, 2006 (Glasfachschule Zwiesel, Abt. Kaltveredelung) – Photo Gunther Fruth, Franz X. Höller

Michael Stangl, Heimat und Ferne, 2011 (Glasfachschule Zwiesel, Lampenglas) – Photo Gunther Fruth, Franz X. Höller