„Room 14“

Anja Römpp, Zweige, 2004 - Foto Anja Römpp
Glass objects from students of the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart

„Room 14“

05.05.2007 - 22.07.2007

„Room 14“? – Yes, it really exists! It belongs to the Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, is a workshop and communication room at the same time. Unusual objects are created here from glass – experimentally, conceptionally, aesthetically. In Room 14 students from completely different artistic subject areas meet together at the glass furnace: ranging from the glass design via ceramic up to painting, graphic and sculpture.

Stuttgart belongs to the minority of art colleges where the artistic association with the material glass is taught at all. The communication of basic technical skills, free working and experimental dealings with glass stand in the context with the own artistic development of the students. The inspiring effect of this freedom full of suspense on the work of the students is reflected by the unique glass objects which are created in cooperation with the workshop for glass, especially at the melting furnace.

Whether installation, sculpture, free-blown or shape-blown objects or sheet glass designs – all works of art scintillate an unusual cheerfulness and candour towards the medium glass. The Glass Museum Alter Hof Herding is therefore delighted to present to you in the new exhibition „Room 14“ glass works of 13 students and graduates of the Stuttgart Academy.

The students will be accompanied by Jörg F. Zimmermann, who manages the workshop for hot glass and plastic shaping, and by Claudia Heinzler, director of the workshop for glass painting and glass processing. With this special exhibition the Glass Museum Alter Hof Herding continues its tradition to show glass works of art college students and to sponsor young talents.



Dilini Keethapongalan, Kopflastig 4, 2005 – Photo Horst Kolberg

Anja Römpp, Zweige, 2004 – Photo Anja Römpp

Gregor Linz, Konzentration, 2006 – Photo Horst Kolberg

Katharina Weidauer, Velena, 2006 – Photo Katharina Weidauer